2-layer film machine

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(with one extruder for a bubble layer and the flat layer.)

Model Max Width Max. out put Line speed Actual power  Install power Weight
FY-Q2500S 2530mm 190kg/hr 1300m/hr 50kw 90kw 7500kg
FY-Q2000S 2030mm 150kg/hr 1300m/hr 42kw 75kw  6500kg
FY-Q1600S 1630mm 115kg/hr 1300m/hr 33kw 60kw 5700kg
FY-Q1500S 1530mm 110kg/hr 1300m/hr 31kw 56kw 5500kg
FY-Q1200S  1230mm 90kg/hr 1300m/hr 28kw 50kw 4500kg