5-layer bubble film machine

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(two extruders,two to five film layers,with laminated aluminum on bothsides。)

Model Max Width Max. out put Line speed Actual power Install power Weight
FY-Q2500M 2530mm 310kg/hr 1300m/hr 80kw 140kw 9800kg
FY-Q2000M      2030mm 250kg/hr 1300m/hr 60kw 105kw  8400kg
FY-Q1600M 1630mm 210kg/hr 1300m/hr 50kw 85kw 7400kg
FY-Q1500M 1530mm 200kg/hr 1300m/hr 48kw 80kw 7200kg
FY-Q1200M  1230mm 160kg/hr 1300m/hr 40kw 70kw 5800kg

1.  This model can produce 2~5layer bubble film.Both sides
     can be laminated with aluminum foil,PE foam and kraft  Paper.
2.  Suitable for a wide spectrum of material including LDPE ,
     LLDPE and recycled PE.
3.  Bubble size from diameter ofφ6mm toφ32mm, according
    to requirement.
4.  With both water cooling and air cooling function.
5.  Automatic winder optional, which could greatly improve
    production efficiency.
6.  Can choose to cancel front/back laminating function,
    especially for ordinary 2 or 3 layer bubble film.