7-layer bubble film machine

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(Three extruders,two to seven  film layers,with laminated aluminum on bothsides。)

Model Max Width Max. out put Line speed Actual power Install power Weight
FY-Q1500MS 1530mm 270kg/hr 800m/hr 75kw 130kw 10500kg
FY-Q1200MS 1230mm 220kg/hr 800m/hr 55kw  100kw 8800kg

1. This model is specially designed for dual-bubble-layer film. The machine has optional mechanisms for laminating one or two layers of aluminum foil, PE foam, or kraft paper on either or both side of the film.
2. Up to three co-extruders together with the dual-bubble-layer forming units enables multi-layer film forming the dual bubble layer in one line, a great increase in production capacity and product quality .
3. Bubble size from diameter of φ10mm to φ32mm, according to requirement .
4. The machine can also produce mono-bubble-layer bubble wraps with 2 or 3 layer of films .
5. Automatic winder optional, which could greatly improve roduction efficiency .